Our Vision

"We empower and help the Muslim woman to maintain a well balanced life style that allows her to excel on her role as the main building block of the Muslim family, the Muslim community, and the larger society"

Our Mission

"To become the first resort for the Muslim woman in Saskatoon to increase her faith, gain knowledge, socialize, and be spiritually and physically fit"

The SAIAS is dedicated to its mission through achieving the following objectives:

  • To organize educational lectures and seminars on various aspects of healthy life for the Muslim woman;
  • To bring the Muslim woman closer to the Community and the Islamic Center through various sports and social activities;
  • To create a welcoming platform for new Muslim women, and pave the two-way road for the integration into one Muslim community;
  • To educate the Canadian society about Muslim women;
  • To provide the Muslim woman with ample opportunities for volunteering within and outside the Muslim community; and
  • To facilitate the training and development of the young Muslim woman as a future Muslim leader.

For questions or information about the Sisters' Affairs, please contact the Vice President- Sisters' Affairs at:
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